Our Story

More about Sarah and the story behind cubeely

I'm Sarah, the founder of cubeely Paris.
I'm excited to tell you more about my story and the reason I created my own brand cubeely:

I was born in Germany and grew up in a small town surrounded by forests and meadows. Since my early childhood, I have always enjoyed drawing, painting or crafting and loved to bring to life all those different stories from my imagination. 
Art and creation have always been my greatest passion, and a fine arts degree seemed like a direct path for my future, so I decided to study Graphic Design and Visual Communication. 

Once I got my master's degree, I moved to Paris, with a big suitcase, a very basic French and a lot of ideas in mind. After experimenting with different jobs, I decided to pursue my first passion by creating my own design studio Little Cube and I started selling my first designs. 

Convinced that the United States could represent an interesting opportunity for me, I decided to fly to New York to participate in trade shows and develop partnerships with American brands.

Since then, I've been very fortunate to collaborate with many different brands and to see my illustrations appear on various products in Europe, the United States and Asia!

Today I feel the need to be more and more aligned with my values and to contribute, in my humble capacity, to a more socially just world.
So I created cubeely Paris, my own collection of eco-friendly stationery and baby gifts, with the desire to offer a resolutely optimistic and benevolent universe for children.

At the very core of cubeely are philanthropic and social projects that I can't wait to grow along with the brand. This new adventure is very close to my heart and I thank you for being part of it!

x Sarah